There have to be a few people out there in Lubbock that were sweating over the recent decision to end pornographic content on OnlyFans. Not to fear, the site decided that it was in their best interest to be inclusive to all of their members, even members with adult content...which is pretty much everyone on there.

Probably a smart choice.

OnlyFans revealed that their decision to change the policy came from pushback about the adult content from banks like the Bank of New York Mellon. It's safe to say that there are probably a whole bunch of cranky old prudes that just don't find that material tasteful and thought they could get away with strong-arming the company.

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Luckily, OnlyFans stepped up and took the livelihood of their content creators into consideration. The internet has been lit up with people complaining about the policy change, and those complaints did not fall on deaf ears. The banks in question must not have done their research before partnering with OnlyFans. If they had, it would have taken them two seconds to realize that naughty videos reigned supreme.

So, instead of looking for a new job, you guys are safe to show your bits off as much as you please! What a time to be alive! I thought about making an OnlyFans account, but for ONLY pictures of fans(ceiling fans, etc). Yeah. That was a short-lived idea that I'm sure a million others have already jumped on. If you come across a page that is truly only for actual fans, I would be rather interested to see it...send it to me!

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