It's no secret that Wes and I are fans of all things Halloween so when I saw a release announcing that Walmart stores are already stocking shelves with fun-size Zombie Skittles bags, I had to share the good news with our readers.

The Zombie Skittles packaging, like all of the other Skittles products feature the tasty colorful rainbow but the crime-scene like tape across the front reads, "BEWARE" and the sweet treat maker has disclaimed clearly on the packaging that "Most taste delicious but some taste like Rotten Zombie. Dare to try?"

If that doesn't scream Halloween is rapidly approaching I am not sure what else does, besides our 94.5 FMX Nightmare on 19th contest give-away, September to Dismember.

If you have  been craving Skittles flavors such as Boogeyman Blackberry, Mummified Melon, or my favorite, Blood Red Berry you're in luck because Walmart stores have the hook-up. For those of you who don't like to venture to a local Walmart, or maybe there isn't one nearby, they also have the yummy Zombie Skittles online available for purchase now.

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