One of the the coolest bands will finally make it back to the United States after twenty years. D.A.D. from Copenhagen, Denmark are scheduled to join Streetlight Circus on March 9th, at Revolution in Amityville, New York.

Formerly known as Disneyland after Dark, the band had to change the name to D.A.D after threatened with a lawsuit from the Walt Disney Company.

D.A.D. released their 12th record "DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK" back in November of 2011. They were primed to make a major breakthrough here in the States in 1989 with their third album No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims (Warner Bros. gave the band a million dollar contract) but it just didn't happen.

For the past twenty years D.A.D. has toured all of Europe with great success.

Hopefully, the band will add some Texas dates.

Now go to the Rim of Hell and check out the video...