RockShow Threesome: Cat Has Worst Day Ever [AUDIO]
I guess the title of this one could be open for a little debate.  The cat could be having a really bad day, or the cat could just have a really bad owner.  Let's start with a simple fact that I think pretty much everyone out there should know, CATS DON'T JOG.  More after the…
Scam Artist Caught By Security Cameras [AUDIO]
I don't like giving away the end of a story in the headline, but in this case, it's how we got to this point that matters.  How far would you go to get a couple of bucks.  We already discussed the guy chopping off a hand earlier, this ones just a few bumps and bruises.  More…
Robber Tries To Buy Gun Back [AUDIO]
The story should be subtitled "Cedric the Suckass Criminal".  Cedric tried to pull of a heist but things went very poorly for him.  Don't you just love it when this stuff comes back on the criminal?  More after the jump.
Man Chainsaws Off Hand For The Insurance [AUDIO]
Man there are a million insurance scams out there.  It kind of ticks me off because the rest of us have to pay for these scams with increased premiums.  For the thieves though, there's always the question of "how bad do you want it?"  For instance how much for y…
Get Even With Your Ex The Craigs List Way [AUDIO]
Boy meets girl, girl breaks up with boy, boy puts slutty messages in her name on Craigslist.  I guess that's this story in a nutshell, but it's much more fun to hear the whole thing as it went down.  Heathen has all the details after the jump.

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