Aliens: Colonial Marines Rocks [Review]
I'm not a very good person to review video/computer games.  I basically took a break from the whole mess for about 15 years.  For that same reason, I may be able to offer you a pretty fresh viewpoint on the whole thing.  I'm not going to give stars or tech specs or anything,…
Aliens: Colonial Marines Drops Today [VIDEO]
Who's ready to whoop a little Xenomorph butt?  This guy!  You bet!  After a lot of attempts to put the "Alien" into a video game, it looks like they've finally got it right.  I'm ready to pounce on the acid spitting menaces this evening.  Mor…
Aliens: Colonial Marines [VIDEO]
I finally got a laptop worthy of some decent games.  THIS is the first one I bought and the first time in my life I every preordered or prepaid for a game. Yeah, a 1st person shooter is going to be rough on a laptop, but somebody has to kick those aliens asses and it's gonna be ME.  M…
Select Your Superhero In “Injustice: Gods Among US”.
Man, this looks like a smokin' game. It should be called "D.C. Superhero's all up in you business Mortal Combat Freaky Styley". I guess that name might have been a bit long, but just watching this trailer will give you goosebumps. More after the jump.
Command & Conquer Get’s My Time And Money
I've played every version of Command & Conquer.  I LOVED every one except the one they turned into a 1st person shooter.  Now I'm hooked on the online version "Tiberium Alliances".  More after the jump.
Plants Versus Zombies 2 Due In Late Spring
I would literally rate Plants Versus Zombies one of the top games of all time. It's fun, it's entertaining, it's easy to learn, all ages enjoy the game, and the bonus games are really a true bonus. With raves like this, the question is, "where is Plants Versus Zombies 2?&…
All Time Must Have Toys From My Point Of View [VIDEO]
Kids today have it made. If you sit for very long and listen to any kids wish list for Santa, I promise you will hear them asking for things like an iPad, an Ipod, a cell phone, or video games. Toys have really come a long way since I was a kid, I can tell you that without a doubt.

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