President Obama to Bring Troops Home For Christmas, Then What?
President Obama has promised to bring home about 50,000 troops from Iraq. For this, I salute the Commander in Chief. I don't care if bringing them home is a genuine move or just election year politics, all that matters is that our boys are done in one of the middle east hell-holes. The question…
White House Respondents Want Weed [AUDIO]
I really like this story even though there is very little comedy to it. It shows what happens when you give people a voice and a direct line to the government.  More after the jump.
Things To Do While The President Addresses Congress
The President will address congress tonight. This is one of those nationally broadcast speeches that would be much better left on the news channels or in excerpt form tomorrow.  With that in mind it got me thinking about what you could do in 40 minutes.
The Grinches That Stole Labor Day
Labor Day was adopted a U.S. Holiday in 1894.  Sometime in the 70's marketing d@cks decided it would be a good time to sell stuff.  Read more after the break.

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