Vote For President At 7-11
7-11 is back with another clever marketing campaign.  They've actually done this a couple times before, but they want you to 'vote' for your favorite candidate by buying either a 'Romney" or "Obama" Cup.  The cups come in blue and red of cours…
“The Newsroom” Clip Everyone Is Talking About
Holy Smokes!  We stay out of politics on the FMX page; what we do is try to keep you on top of what's trending.  This video from the show "The Newsroom" is trending so hot, it's unavoidable.   One of the reasons it's screaming across the internet is the basis for the whole 'bit' is the &qu…
Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth Caught Sodomizing Sheep
The headline to this story is patently false, but since Mustaine feels free to make wild accusations about others, why don't we spread a few about him?  How about "Dave Mustaine Eats Babies?"  Or "Dave Mustaine Likes To Bath In His Own Urine."  …
Thai Anti-Smoking Promotion Will Tear You Up
Wow, sometime the best way to teach people something is to just hold a mirror up to them.  The concept is simple, two little kids go around asking smokers for a light.  I'll let the video tell the rest of the story.  More after the jump.
Representive Neguebauer Opens Mouth Again, More Stupid Falls Out
The President made a move today, that if you ask me, is BARELY humane, but leave it to our big mouthed, tactless, tea bagging congressman to try to make hay out of the situation. The President wants to offer temporary work permits to illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. before they were 16, liv…
Why Not Consider? A Commentary By Wes Nessman
Gawd this town can be so lame.  The lamest part is people putting their hands over their eyes pretending things aren't happening, all the time looking through their fingers for a peep.  Let me back up though.  I saw where there was some type of praise for Lubbock because we landed a 4H convention.  …
There Is One War The U.S. Should Stop Immediately.
There are horrible things happening in Syria.  People are being killed an imprisoned by the government.  Across the world people are wondering if world powers should step in.  It may be a little less violent, but the same thing happens every day in America.
Dear “Political Phone Call”-Please Kill Yourself
Have you been getting calls from weird numbers or even answered a 'robo-call' from a political 'poll' company or candidate? It's funny how they can do this despite those of us who signed up to be on "do not call" lists.  More after the jump.

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