Salt Lake City's Cult Leader reminded Lubbock what hardcore is at the 35th FMX Birthday Bash.

The band, which rose from the ashes of Gaza in 2013, joined Deftones for their Texas tour dates, which included Thursday night's show at the Lonestar Pavilion in Lubbock.

Lead singer Anthony Lucero flailed and screamed through the band's wild set, sparking an electric fire in the audience.

During a fun moment near the end of the band's set, Deftones came up on stage to surprise them with Nutter Butter cookies and some drinks to toast their final performance in Texas together.

Lucero thanked the band for the chance to tour with them, saying, "These dudes are f—ing awesome, and this has been a dream come true for us."

Check out the photos of Cult Leader killing it in Lubbock, then hit the links below to see more photos + video from the 35th FMX Birthday Bash.

All photos provided exclusively to KFMX by Khris Poage. Don’t steal ’em.


    Deftones & Cult Leader On Stage

    Sharing Cookies & Drinks