So I sit here and wonder if something like what is happening in Egypt could happen here and I think the answer is "hell yes". In the case of the assistant city manager, this is a man making six figures! The city charter plainly says that you can not work or be elected to a city position if you are indebted to the city. Now, people don't really want to push this because since Lubbock owns LP&L it would mean that people behind on electric bills could lose their jobs. Well guess what, maybe that's what needs to happen. You should have no say in how my tax dollars are spent, and you should have no right to benefit from my tax dollars if you are not contributing yourself.

All of these people STOLE from me and you. When you look at your tax bills going up, remember it just might be because the people taking your money are cheating the very same system.

Oh, and we have to pay for OUTSIDE council now to decide this issue, meaning more of you tax dollars being thrown on the fire. It's time we get rid of the bums.