I've been running back some of my favorite 90's tracks on the Flannel Channel.  It's really just an extension of a feature that the RockShow ran for a couple of years.  You may have never even have heard the feature because we did it each morning at 5:40 and before that at 5:10.   The point is, when you're looking at the 90's, how do you even get started with the band Nirvana?  I explain how, after the break.


So I could feature any number of Nirvana songs on this feature, but why start with a cover?  We'll it's pretty simple. Not only is this song still popular, it was later referenced in the song "Californication" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  You may not even have realized what they were saying when they said "Cobain can you here the spheres singing songs off of Station To Station".  Station To Station is the David Bowie record from which "The Man Who Sold The World" came from.  So without further ado, the Flannel Channel presents: The Man Who Sold the World

Here's the band rehearsing the song