After the Disturbed meet-n-greet, we were given an hour to enjoy the music.  During In This Moment's set we once again met at the secret meeting place and were secretly escorted down a hall, out a back door, across an alley and into what appeared to be a secret Warehouse 13/Area 51 hanger, where we half expected to see an alien ship or little green men with probes walking by. After waiting with our fellow Rock 108 greeters, they began to trickle in one at a time, pen in hand.  Even though we could not get a group shot, this slower paced greeting style allowed for a more relaxed and personal meet-n-greet, but as In This Moment ended their set, KoRn began to glow and vanished into thin air to get ready for their leg of the show. (Spooky)  Have ya ever noticed that we never see Fieldy and Wes Nessman at the same time??