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Charlie Sheen Slams Axl Rose [VIDEO]
Slash was honored today as he was presented his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. And close personal friend of Slash, Charlie Sheen had some interesting words for Slash's former band mate Axl Rose. Video courtesy of
Charlie Sheen is Drinking Again. Not Really [VIDEO]
In another commercial full of awesome, Charlie Sheen starts drinking again. sort of.
This commercial for a Dutch company starts with him leaving rehab and driving home. On the way he sees people drinking beer everywhere he looks. Cops, cabbies while driving, workers on the job site, even pregnant wo…
National Men Make Dinner Day [VIDEO]
So apparently today November 3rd is National Men Make Dinner day..... NO, (I can already tell I'm gonna be in trouble for this one in one way or another.....just sayin') I'm not kidding there REALLY is such a thing.
The New Two and a Half Men Opener is Exactly the Same [VIDEO]
I knew that when they dumped Charlie Sheen and got Ashton Kutcher on the show that they would have to recut the opening. Most of the time a show will just edit the old character out and move on. However we all know that the Men intro is just the 3 guys so what do they do?
Charlie Sheen Negotiating New Sitcom Deal: Report
Troubled actor Charlie Sheen may be returning to television sooner than you might think.
According to sources for TMZ, the former 'Two and a Half Men' star, who was unceremoniously fired from the top-rated CBS sitcom in March for disparaging comments he made at creator Chuck Lorre, has reportedly rec…
My Perfect Girlfriend [VIDEO]
I have the perfect girlfriend. She's hot, she loves football, she's got a great butt, she never watches "The Bachelor," she loves rock music, and did I mention, she's hot? Well I thought she was the perfect girlfriend. That's until she made me start watching Dancing Wit…
3 Doors Down at Texas Motor Speedway
Anyone that knows anything about me knows I'm the biggest NASCAR fan on the freakin' planet. I'm also a huge 3 Doors Down fan. April 9th I get the best of both worlds at Texas Motor Speedway.

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