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Black Stone Cherry-Like I Roll [VIDEO]
Man I'm feeling the new "Black Stone Cherry".  If you're a fan, it's probably not new to you, but traditionally bands and record companies feed radio stations 'one song at a time' .  We just got the latest release from Black Stone Cherry and it&ap…
Check Out Korn’s “Way Too Far” Video Here
KORN has released a video of "Way Too Far".  It's kind of interesting because I thought the band and record company had moved their focus to the title track "Chaos Lives In Everything".  None the less, this is a pretty cool clip because for the most part it's just a live performa…
Stone Sour And Slipknot Now Have One More Thing In Common
Corey Taylor and Jim Root do double duty in Slipknot and Stone Sour.  Last year Slipknot suffered a huge tragedy with the death of bass player Paul Gray.  Now Stone Sour has parted ways with their bass player.  More details after the jump.
Trapt In Lubbock This Monday
You wanna rock?  You gotta see Trapt.  Trapt is one of those bands that you don't realize how many great songs they have until you see them live.  I'm going to try to remedy that with just a few music videos after the jump.
Are You Ready For New “Offspring”?
I'm a big fan of the Offspring.  The Offspring even inspired all of the
Day Of The Dead" tattoos that I have.  I got the idea from the cover of "Xnay on the Hombre".  The last Offspring album "Rise and Fall, Rage & Grace" was ch…
X-Fest/Birthday Bash Weekend [VIDEO]
Our photog has literally hundreds of pix to go through before we post the definitive wrap up to an unbelievable weekend. In the meantime, dozens of folks posted cool little clips from the shows on YouTube.  I've hunted down some of my favorites for you.
Metallica Contributing to Dio and Deep Purple Tribute Albums
The loss of vocalist Ronnie James Dio to stomach cancer in 2010 still stings the hearts of metal fans, including that of the mighty Metallica. The band plans to be involved in the upcoming Dio ribute album, which will also feature Anthrax, Rob Halford and more. It turns out that Metallica even conta…
The Final Facts About The FMX Birthday Bash & X-Fest 9
Well we get started today.  We finish around 1 a.m. Sunday morning.  What else do you need to know?  Well, you regular concert goers are pretty hooked up, but since these concerts are both so big, we're getting a lot of questions from people who rarely attend shows.

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