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The RockShow Big One: C.J. The Super Chimp
This is one of those stories that got better as we added to it.  It was just a story of an escaped chimp.  Before you know it, the chimp had superpowers and an entire back story.  If you like ridiculous, well this is the EXTREME sized portion of it.  More after the jump.
The RockShow Big One: Giant Nightmarish Amish Pile Up!
Those Amish just can't hold their liquor now can they?  There is so much messin' up going on with this story that it's almost hard to keep up with.  Let's just say it ends up with a bunch of buggies in a pile up and one lonely wheel spinning slowly as a witness to the d…
RockShow Threesome: Dick Move In Parking Lot Results In Death
Some people take things much too seriously.  Road rage is a great example.  How many times have you heard somebody else say 'that driver almost killed me!" and other exaggerations.  Seriously, lighten up a bit, take it easier and we'll all be safer.  The same goes for when somebody pulls a dick…
RockShow Threesome: A Hole You Shouldn’t Finger
Hey, back off with your nasty thoughts.  This is a story about one of our greatest presidents, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  More precisely it's the story of the first "physician" who came to his aid.  More after the jump.
RockShow Threesome: The KKK Took My Trash Away
The KKK wants to Klean, Klean, Klean a section of highway.  I don't think anybody has a real problem with that, it's probably the fact that you get one of those signs that says "the portion of the highway adopted by the KKK".  Anyways, before you sideswipe the h…

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