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The RockShow Big One: Do Not Avoid The Moose In The Road
My father in law was a truck driver.  Some of the best advice he ever gave was 'do not swerve' to avoid an animal in the road.  It's sad, but chances are you're not going to miss the animal (there's a high likelihood you can't swerve enough, or they'll sw…
RockShow Threesome: Why Women Moan During Sex [AUDIO]
Hey sick puppies!  Thanks for visiting this audio catbox full of chunks of our radio doodies!  Each day we bring you three big lumps from the show, you might smile, you might learn something or you might be mad you wasted your time.  As that dumbass Gump said, "you just never…
Robber Tries To Buy Gun Back [AUDIO]
The story should be subtitled "Cedric the Suckass Criminal".  Cedric tried to pull of a heist but things went very poorly for him.  Don't you just love it when this stuff comes back on the criminal?  More after the jump.
It Sucks To Be Cops [AUDIO]
How about that adrenaline surge of being a cop. You're chasing down those dirty bird criminals, getting into chases and drawing down on thugs, and sometimes you just think you are.  Coming up a story of either cops getting too excited, a robber being too clever or some combination of both.…

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