I realized something today, I hate being an adult. I mean think about it, as kids all we want is to be grown up.

Well now all I want to do is be a kid.

I don't want to cook my own dinner, I no longer want to have my own house since it means I have to have a job so I can pay for it and all the bills that go along with being an adult.

I don't want to do my own laundry, or shopping, or cleaning.

What I do want is to sleep in my clothes, eat Frosted Flakes in my pajamas and watch cartoons all morning on Saturday's, ride my bike until dark, and play video games all night.

I want to go trick or treating, I want other people to buy me Christmas gifts and if I glue noodles on a plate and call it a gift, I want them to LOVE it! And I want to hunt for Easter eggs and eat candy all day on Easter.

It sucks being a grown up! Don't believe me, even Jenna Marbles thinks it sucks... great minds think a like....