Last night the boys and I were talking and they asked what was one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen. So I had to think a little bit and I said the movie "Old School" and they asked if they could watch it so I had to oblige them.

It is so funny to me that after the movie was over that I asked the boys what they thought about the movie and their answers were so funny from what they remembered about the movie.

Keep in mind the boys are 8 years old and the funniest word they know is B00bs and they laugh at every single cuss word they hear.

A little crude humor never hurts anyone young boy, when I was their age my Papa was watching "Porky's" with me and I would laugh not really knowing what was going on but having that bond and always remembering that is pretty awesome.

Here is Zeke and Gabe's review of the movie "Old School" starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferell which Gabe give 7 Mountain Dews out of 10 and Zeke gives 10 Mountain Dews out of 10.