Warm weather is upon us and I thought it might take this opportunity to remind women of what clothing is appropriate to wear during the summer months.

1. Wear whatever you want.

2. Wear whatever you want.

3. Wear whatever you want.

4. Wear whatever you want.

5. Wear whatever you want.

6. Wear whatever you want.

7. Wear whatever you want.

8. Wear whatever you want.

9. Wear whatever you want.


Yes! Ladies! Wear those shorts! Wear that bikini! Wear that tube top! Nobody cares about your flabby thighs, or that weird mole, or that you haven't shaved for 5 years. Wear that spaghetti strap shirt that gives you flashbacks of being told by some guy (that didn't matter) that your arms were chubby.  Nobody cares at all! Not a single person is going to lose sleep over what you wore to the BBQ. I promise.

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I spent years thinking I shouldn't wear flip-flops because some stupid dude made fun of my long-ass toes. YEARS. I suffered through socks and tennis shoes during the hottest of months and I hid myself to please other people. Not anymore. I refuse to miss out on the fun because I may not fit some random person's beauty standards. They can kiss it.

If you are feeling insecure about your swimsuit body, STOP NOW. Your body is ALWAYS swimsuit ready. Slap that baby on and hop in the water. Or don't! Skinny dipping is fun too, and girl, you are fine as hell! Ain't no diet going to change that. You are perfect just the way you are, this very second.

Every single stretch mark, scar, fold, and wrinkle are absolutely beautiful, just like you.

If you are stressing out about retiring the sweaters and moving into the other part of your wardrobe, take a deep breath, and tell the universe to "GET BENT!".

Don't let anyone keep you from enjoying every single gorgeous day of the summer, exactly the way you are. You rule, and I love you.

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