I couldn't wait for my 16th birthday. I'd finally be able to drive, get a job, and feel a little more like an adult. I was lucky enough to score a sweet gig at Daybreak Coffee Roasters. A job as a barista in the early 2000s was top tier badassery, and I loved it, but there were a ton of places in Lubbock that teenagers really wanted to work for. I turned in soooo many applications.

Here are some of the coolest places to work when you were a teenager in the early 2000s in Lubbock!

10 Lubbock Businesses I Was Dying To Work For In The Early 2000s

If you worked at one of these places, you were the coolest.

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Did you work for any of these places? Tell me about it in a comment below this article wherever you see it and keep scrolling for more Lubbock-based fun below.

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