I spend nearly every weekend visiting the small town of Aspermont, Texas. I love getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and kicking back on the porch with friends and family while enjoying a glass of iced tea. You rarely hear emergency sirens, everyone waves at you when you drive by, and the busiest place in town is the local Dairy Queen. I truly love and appreciate the small-town vibes and friendly residents in Aspermont. They really help me reset and unwind.

I asked my friends to share with me their favorite small towns to visit in Texas, and I created a gallery of the top 10 towns they mentioned. It just might inspire you to take a little trip somewhere you've never been, and enjoy the simple life. Check it out below:

10 Small Texas Towns You Should Definitely Visit This Summer

Skip the big city and enjoy one of these small towns.

Do you have a summer trip idea now? I sure do! I think I'd like to check out Alpine. I could use some mountain air! Do you have a favorite small town that wasn't mentioned? Be sure to comment below this article on Facebook and let us know your favorite small town!

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