We have a lot of things going for us in Texas, but easy and affordable access to mental health care is not one of them.

For the second year in a row, Forbes Advisor ranked Texas at the bottom among the other 49 states for mental health care. Not only does Texas have the second-highest number of adults with mental illnesses who are uninsured, but we also have the second-highest number of youth with mental illness who are not receiving any mental health services.

Alabama, Florida, and Georgia were only slightly better than Texas. Vermont came in as the number one state for mental health care.

Forbes's study found that the entire US is severely lacking when it comes to mental health care. Approximately 28 million people across the United States with mental illness do not receive any kind of treatment at all. Let that sink in. It's not good.

I've lost several friends over the years to suicide, many of whom worked in the restaurant industry. The lack of insurance in that job field is insane. Nobody really has it. Everybody REALLY needs it. The hours are grueling, the pay is minimal, and sometimes it can all take a toll on you, especially if you're already dealing with untreated mental illness.

If you are a Texas business owner and your workers don't have insurance, please consider making a change. It will help you out in the long run to have happy and healthy employees.

If you're looking for help in Texas with your mental health, you can find some resources here.

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