There are certainly tons of upside to living in the Hub City. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here. But some of our more colorful characters have shed some not-so-positive light on the town.

Don't despair: Even though there are 12 items here, there are good folk in Lubbock that do their best every day to make it an awesome place to live.

Despite the numbers here, I would put these in no particular order.

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    Lubbock's Response to Dixie Chicks Controversy

    It's amazing to me the absolute hate Lubbock's supposedly Christian community has for its biggest living star.

    And let's not forget why they continue to hate her for comments that would be considered mild at best in 2016. People are saying things about 100 time worse about our current president. There is simply no bigger example of Lubbock hypocrisy than the treatment of Natalie Maines.

    Fortunately, some cooler heads stepped in this year and finally honored Mrs. Maines, inducting her into the West Texas Walk of Fame. Hopefully the haters will some day learn about forgiveness.

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    Judge Tom Head Says He'll Stop a U.N. Invasion

    Lubbock is famous for a few cranks and characters, and I don't know if any of them are on par with Judge Tom Head.

    Judge Head bought into right-wing propaganda that President Obama was going to invade Texas (or some nonsense), and said during an interview that he had talked to the sheriff about standing up to U.N. tanks when they came to Lubbock.

    In short, his whole spiel made him seem as nutty as an elephant turd.

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    The Treatment of Texas Tech Football Coach Mike Leach

    We could go on for days with this one. No one seems to be happy with the ways Coach Leach was treated, and most involved are no longer involved with the Texas Tech program.

    Initial claims were that he locked a player with a famous dad in a utility closet because he suspected him of faking an injury. Before the story was said and done, it seemed to have a lot more to do with Leach not kissing the right butts at Texas Tech.

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    The Jesus Tattoo Billboard

    We have met the man behind this campaign and do not doubt his sincerity. Our only problem with him was the reason that he landed on this list was that he chose to remain anonymous while locals and the national media looked at Lubbock and said "WTF?" to this campaign.

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    The Unfurling of the Arabic 'Love Is for All' Banner

    I don't know how big a deal this would be if it wasn't election time. I guess we still have more than enough rubes who would misinterpret it. This one screamed college prank to me all the way, and that's what it ended up being.

    In case you've been under a rock, a banner with a giant heart and Arabic writing was flown from Lubbock's Citizen's Tower. The banner message translated to "Love Is For All." Despite that, Mayor Glen Robertson had asked for the FBI, DHS and others be notified.

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    Frenship Teacher Advocates Segregation

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    Texas Tech Frat's "No Means Yes" Banner

    The Lubbock chapter of the Phi Delta Thi fraternity thought it would be funny to post a sign that read: "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal."

    Their tactless pro-rape message didn't go over too well. The frat was shut down for the behavior, but not before the story put Lubbock in the headlines again.

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    Hate Speech at the Tent Revival

  • 9

    Randy Neugebauer

    Our former representative hit some back-to-back shots.

    First was his yelling of "baby killer" during a speech at the House of Representatives (poor etiquette and classless if nothing else). The next was when he went off on a park ranger for not admitting tourists to a national monument when the government was shut down due to his own party's actions.

  • 10

    Lubbock Emergency Manager Posts Anti-Obama Meme

    Yeah, the guy in charge of decision making for local disasters thought it would be a good idea to post a picture of Elmer Fudd shooting President Obama. Derp!

    Clinton Thetford was suspended -- probably not for being a dumb-ass, but for showing he was a dumb-ass on social media.

    In quite the coincidence, Thetford was eventually re-instated by anti-Obama and conspiracy theorist Judge Tom Head (see no. 2 on this list).

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    Chippendales Dancers Busted at Jake's

    We just can't have those Lubbock ladyfolk gettin' all hot and bothered, now can we? I don't blame Lubbock police for this; blame can be placed right at the feet of city leaders at the time.

    Nowadays, movies like "Magic Mike" are a big hit, but in 2007, grinding your pelvis around a woman's face would get you arrested in Lubbock. And it did.

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    The Jim Rose Circus Shutdown

    Yes, the Jim Rose Circus was shut down during a performance at the Depot Warehouse. How the cops caught onto the fact that something tawdry might be going on is beyond me. The act that got them busted was "Mexican Dildo Wrestling."

    Two Luchadores came out fully masked and wearing strap on wieners. The "goal" was for one to put their strap on in the mouth of the other.

    It was all in good fun until Rose could be heard pleading with cops offstage not to arrest the burlesque act.


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