Are you running out of comebacks for internet trolls? Do you need some inspiration? Well, you've come to the right place.

The RockShow asked 94.5 FMX fans to tell us their most creative curses and comebacks, and those guys are pretty spunky. Check them out below and use them in your next argument to really get your point across.

"I set the bar as low as I could, but I see you've brought a shovel." - Jonathon Cranston

"Wow, I bet you kiss your sister." - JJ Howell

"Who cut your hair?" - Simon S. Tres

"I bet your parents change the subject when people ask about you." - Brandi Tadlock

"At least your mother loves you, or well, tolerates you." - D. Bjorn Christian

"I wouldn't let your parents hold my baby. They obviously dropped you." - Gary Pettit

"I hope you run out of hot water when you're all soaped up, every single time you shower." - Andi Janow

"Go suck a hemorrhoid." - Lisa Young

"If someone calls you fat, just tell them to worry about their own fupa chalupa." - Kaytlyn Rangel

"Dadgum goat herding sone of a biscuit eating jackwagon." - Das Faust

"You may not be the dumbest person I've met, but you'd better hope they don't die." - Josh Calsbeek

"I hope your kids never learn how to read." - Remy DeLara

"I hope your socks always slip off into your shoes." - Lyza Marie

"Consume feces and expire." - Keith Hayes

"I just realized you have a face of few friendships." - Ric Picon

"Have I ever told you what I like about you? Not a damn thing!" - Issac Gonzales

"You couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel." - Matt Strawn

"You couldn't find your a$$ with your hands in your pockets." - Michael Fortner

"Your laces must be untied because you are trippin'." - Jason Wolz

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