It seems like it's one thing after another in 2020.

Is "Disaster Fatigue" really a thing? I was chuckling while reading the laundry list of awfulness that we've dealt with this year. But before we get to the meat of the matter: quit whining you, babies.

It's rough out there. People are dodging a dangerous virus. There are hurricanes, fires, joblessness, and a whole bunch of other stuff to worry about. There's NOT a world war, the threat of nuclear annihilation, the draft, slavery, mad cow disease, terrorists from here and abroad attacking U.S. soil. We don't even have to worry about an NSYNC reunion at this moment.

I'm not much for calling out people on their lack of toughness (but then again, I did), but c'mon already. Many of your dads or older brothers fought in the middle east, and your dads in Vietnam, or your grandads in Korea. While they were doing that, the relatives were at home scared to death that they'd get *that* knock on the door.

Yes, it's very stressful right now, but all you're being asked to do is stay home and binge Netflix or to wear a mask when you go out. This really isn't that hard, and it's going to get less hard when a vaccine becomes available.

In all seriousness, there is no instruction manual for the right way to behave during a pandemic, and you are probably doing the best you can. I just wanted to give you a little perspective on the situation.

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