Growing up, your teachers constantly remind you that there are no dumb questions. As an adult, you learn that there are in fact tons of them, and you often hear the worst of them at work.

The RockShow asked our friends and FMX fans to tell us some of the most stupid questions they have been asked in the workplace. Enjoy, and think twice before you ask ridiculous questions. They will clearly NEVER be forgotten, which is rather lucky for us.


"On 50 cent wing night, does that mean that the whole dozen is 50 cents?" Nathan Avara

"Is there any way I could order a pepperoni pizza without crust?" - Wade Thompson

"Working at Lowes Home Improvement, I was asked by a woman standing in the plumbing department where the KY jelly was. I told her, trying my best not to laugh at her, that we didn't sell KY. She started yelling at me saying that her plumber told her to go to Lowes and get KY from the plumbing department and that it was outrageous that we didn't sell it." - Adam Garcia

"Are these called coasters or toasters?" Nathan Avara

“Do you have a $5 bill? My daughter's foot is the exact length of a $5 bill. Can I put it up against this shoe and make sure?" - Ana Marquez

"I was making chips at Abuelos and someone comes and asks me what I’m doing just to talk to me, like damn. I’m making chips you see what I’m doing." - Kevin Rodriguez

"When I was working brunch, this girl asked me if she could substitute her bacon for pancakes… like… in what universe?" - Brandon Reece

"I was asked by a boss many years ago "When did you decide to be gay??" I told the old bitty "I decided to be gay the same time you decided to be straight. By the way, I quit." Best day at that job." - Darold Carrier-Wilson

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"Worked in a department store. A buddy and I were walking thru the aisles heading towards the break room, a customer stops us and says, "Oh! You work here, can you tell me what the names of Santa's reindeer are?" It was NOT a Christmas-themed store. We sold discounted shoes/clothes.. though, to be fair it might've been December." - Marta Lopez

"I used to love when people would ask me (as a server) if I knew where the bathroom was? Sometimes I would say no, I’m still trying to figure that out!" - Jade Ivy

"At the prison: “Can you bring in some (insert every drug imaginable)?” (both offenders and coworkers LOL)" - Katie Thompson

Me: "Thank you for calling CPR Cellphone Repair, how may I help you?"

Customer: "Uhh yeah, do you repair cellphones?" - Tyson Earl

“Do you grow strawberries on your roof? Then how do you get fresh strawberries for your Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake?” - Sarah Spence MacFarlane

"I had to explain how doorknobs work." - JJ Howell

“What makes the rice brown?” OR “That’s fried rice, right? That’s why it’s brown, right?” - Sarah Spence MacFarlane

"Is your queso made with cheese?!" - Steven Sosa

"If I get Sprite can you charge me for water?"

So I did. I charged them for bottled water." - Gary Dorsey

"Changing the orange juice machine at McDonald's and an employee asked me if orange juice comes from oranges." - Troy Badolato

"I wonder what will happen if you keep standing up after you throw the grenade." - Douglas DeClerk 

"I was working at Dunkin’ Donuts and a lady in the drive-through asked me at 10 pm (right before we close) if the donuts were fresh. Obviously not." - Emily Covington

"Keep in mind we worked at a warehouse...kid fresh out of high school asked me if we get spring break, summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas off...I told him "Welcome to adulthood" - Saul Reyna

"Me: Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

Customer: What's a power cord??" - Haley Henson

"Once I was asked if I could accommodate for a mammal allergy…Yeah you read that right." - Lindsey Krug

"Not my story but I witnessed an employee at the Dollar Tree get asked by a customer:

Customer: "Um excuse me, but how much is this?"

The cashier with the most pained expression on his face slowly looked over while summoning all of the energy of Alan Rickman, and said:

"A dollar."

I hurriedly walked in the other direction so I could find my husband and tell him what I saw." - Lan Holmes

"While on the air at FMX and answering the request line “FMX!” and hearing in an almost Butthead voice “Uh…is this FMX?”." - Michael X-Ray Corbin

"I worked at a grocery store and someone asked me where the white flour is, I brought them over to it. They then pointed at the bag and said, "I said I wanted white flour, not white "wheat" flour." I assured them that white flour does indeed have wheat in it and it was what they wanted! They were still skeptical of me as they bought it. I told them that when they got home and opened it up if it wasn't the right thing I would refund them." - Lydia Isaacson

"At the place I used to cook at, we had shrimp on wooden skewers. The customer asks, "Are the wooden skewers gluten-free?" - Theran Edler (THIS ONE IS OUR FAVORITE)

"I got asked by a nurse how to administer a tablet to a patient who has no trouble taking tablets. I was like “Ya give them the tablet and a glass of water and wallah, the patient swallows it!” - Ashleigh Grigson

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