I knocked out a few ideas for the city and its patrons to improve on '21 just a bit.

So here are five big ideas we can embrace in 2022.

5. Quit being a place where catalytic converters are considered currency

C'mon guys. For every methhead that steals these things, there's someone complicit in the crime by buying them. Just stop.

4. Realize that it's COVIDs turn to make people cough, so back off on the dust

It's tough to have lungs in Lubbock. You'd think ours would be stronger from fighting with all those duststorms, but I guess lungs just don't work that way.

3. Let's start the New Year by not driving into houses

This one should be simple enough, but will it happen? The stars say it's unlikely and that we'll probably get an incident in 3, 2, 1....

2. Give the new football coach a little time to get his sea legs

Boo-birds love to sing their song just as quickly as they can. Recruiting is going well. Give the coach some time to turn those recruits into top-notch players.

1. Quit jamming on every new restaurant, then bailing on them shortly after

Man, I hate this. When a new restaurant comes to town everybody swamps it and since the staff is so overwhelmed, sometimes the experience isn't so great, so people don't come back. Can we just get one of those paper take a number things or something so that a restaurant can have a good grand opening AND a fighting chance?


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