I kind of don't like the term "one-hit wonder" because I kind of think it's said with a bit more derision than needed. The fact is, one hit is a HUGE achievement.

Having a hit record can be like winning the lottery: No matter how much skill you put into writing, it's still going to take a lot of luck to bring a song up to the point where everybody knows it.

So I thought I'd put together a few songs from the rock/hard rock/metal world and celebrate some songs that meet the definitions of one-hit wonders, and I use that term with the utmost respect. I want to thank these artists for providing us with the soundtrack to our lives.

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    Monster Magnet

    Space Lord

    This may polarize some people just like #5, but Monster Magnet only has one song that qualifies as a hit. I, myself own about eight Monster Magnet albums and love every song on every one of them, but this is the song that blew them up in the 90s.

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    Blind Melon

    No Rain

    This is just such a great song. I don't know if Blind Melon would have ever been able to follow this up because it was so big, This is precisely what I was talking about in the opening of this blog, this song has brought so much joy to so many people, calling the band "one-hit" seems like an insult.

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    Thin Lizzy

    The Boys Are Back In Town

    I thought I'd dig back for a classic and one of my favorite songs of all time. At the time the slamming opening chord was really hard for radio and the twin leads in the solo were incredibly unique, but the lyrics really captured what it's like to get the old gang together for a wild night out.

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    Marcy Playground

    Sex & Candy

    This song probably typifies this topic more than any other, but did you realize the band has six albums and still tours to this day? Marcy Playground. The song celebrated it's 20 anniversary last year and the album from which it came was released on vinyl for the first time ever in honor of the occasion.

  • 5

    Ace Of Spaces


    There are very few people in this world that can name more than one Motorhead song. Myself, I can name three, R.A.M.O.N.E.S., Born to Raise Hell and Ace Of Spades.  Ace Of Spades has reached the point where it is used in commercials and the mainstream. I'm good with that.

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