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Ready to get scared? Nightmare On 19th Street's 13th year is underway in Lubbock. Here's what you need to make it through alive.

  • 1

    A comfortable pair of sneakers

    You won't be running through Nightmare On 19th Street, but you'll still want a pair of sneakers that can handle the longest haunted house in the world. We're suckers for black high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars, so that's what we'll suggest.

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    A cozy hooded sweatshirt

    Even Lubbock gets cold in October, especially in the evenings when the attraction's doors ominously creak open to the public. You'll need something warm as the scares give you the chills. Keep it local with a snazzy and warm Texas Tech hoodie.

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    An energy drink

    You'll need a boost to walk through the sprawling Nightmare On 19th Street attraction, which measures in at 1.24 miles of spooks and scares. Some Red Bull is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • 4

    A scary mask

     You won't actually need this to walk through Nightmare On 19th Street. There are plenty of actors inside and outside the attraction already in masks ready to scare you. But you'll want one afterward to scare your friends in the car or at home.

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  • 5

    A fresh pair of underwear