Many people leave a television on when they aren't home to help keep their pet company and to lessen separation anxiety, but does anyone else just turn it on for their pet because they simply enjoy it? Or is that just me...

My boyfriend and I are guilty of spoiling our 10-year-old cat, Troodle, with hours of videos made specifically for cats, and it's honestly like having a free babysitter.

Troodle is slightly aggressive and needs constant attention or he gets himself into mischief (attacks my roommate's dog out of boredom, knocks everything off the shelves, hisses if you breathe wrong around him).

I love him, but he isn't the cat for everyone, and sometimes it can be exhausting to deal with his mood swings. As much as I'd like to get him a friend, he has never been able to behave himself around other animals and I fear for a new pet's safety. Troodle is a big boy. A 19-pound adorable murder machine, if you will.

We discovered how much he enjoys nature videos. Troodle is totally at ease and way less cranky when they are available for him to watch. He is known to sit right in front of the computer or TV and completely ignore everything else going on in the world, focused in on what is happening on screen. It's helped his mood and maybe it could help your naughty cats out too, so below are 5 videos my cat loves that you should totally try on yours.


Videos for Cats to Watch - 8 Hour Bird Bonanza posted by user Paul Dinning

This is my cat's number one all-time favorite to watch and he still acts surprised no matter how many times he's seen it, likely because he is a cat and not very clever. Dinning has tons of videos online and they are all super fun for your kitty.

11 Hour Stunning 4K Underwater Footage + Music by user Nature Relaxation Films

This one is soothing for you and your kitty. Sometimes I put this video on for my cat and then I get caught up in it too. The music is nice and it makes you both extra sleepy-sleeps. Hypnotic AF. It plays for a crazy long time and is great when you are gone to work.

Catching Fish 1 Hour Version by user CAT GAMES 

Check out this video for a more interactive kitty experience. If you have a tablet you can lay it on the floor and let your cat go to town, or just put it on screen. Make sure you are watching your cat prevent losing your new flat screen TV if it's mounted in a way it could be knocked down.

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Video For Your Cat To Watch by user Little Paws & Family

Another go-to distraction for my feisty cat features a simple video of a little home fish tank. Your cat can enjoy a nice view of the tank and you don't have to worry about them actually murdering any goldfish when you aren't looking.

Cat TV 2020: 8 Hours by user Birder King

This video is adorable footage of birds and squirrels having some snacks and hopping around. Turn this one on for your cat and then have a couple of shots of whiskey and make voices for the birds. It's very entertaining. Trust me.

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