Nightmares are something that nobody can truly escape. You may have a perfect life, void of unresolved trauma or weird food before bed, and still, end up waking from a nightmare that scares you to your core.

Some of us have reoccurring nightmares. Those are the kind you get to relive again and again, randomly throughout your life. Experts say that they are usually caused by stress, unresolved trauma, mental health conditions, substance abuse or certain medications. Dreams are also very hard to study, and concrete answers as to what they truly mean aren't really available.

Here are a few reoccurring nightmares shared by our listeners:

"I've had the same dream for at least 40 years. At least 2 or 3 times a year. I'm being chased around a house I live in when I was very young. Finally, when I get caught I get shot in the heart... Every time..." - Randy Elizondo

"Always being chased in a high rise complex by an unknown shadowy figure, no matter how fast I run or which floor level I end up on, the shadowy figure is near and seems to know where I'm at. My only option is to open a window and jump! I've ended up on the floor at times after this reoccurring nightmare!" - Jared Castillo

"I have this weird dream where I’m standing naked in a giant styrofoam cup. I try to climb out multiple times but fail. I then poke my finger through the wall of the cup. Then I as I peek through the hole, it opens up and dirt and worms pour into the cup suffocating me. Then a giant pulls me out of the cup and puts me on a hook. Suddenly I’m in a pool of cold water and fish are passing me by, then a swarm of demonic pregnant mermaids take me off the hook. I never get past that part. Been having this dream for about 20 years." - Katie Thomspon

"I usually have a dream where I have to hop across a murky filled lake/reservoir and there are always alligators in the water." - Lan Holmes

"Every time I try to drive in a dream, I wreck whatever car I am driving." - Brandon Henson

"I used to have a lot of crumbling teeth dreams and also a lot of flying dreams." - Izzy McConaughy

"I have one that I’m in my house and it has vaulted ceilings in the living room and in the upper corner there’s a big bulge and it gets bigger and starts opening up." - Rose Gonzales

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"I have a recurring dream that I'm with family and we're all outside and I see a tornado at a seems to be getting bigger and bigger and heading right at us..I try to warn my family but they won't take me seriously...I'm yelling at them to the point of being ugly and rude but they will not take shelter..the stress level during my dream is incredible and the guilt of me cursing at my family to seek shelter just kills me...the tornado arrives and I wake up." - JR Magaña

"I have a one that’s a little different each time but essentially Kat and I get into an accident (usually a car or something). I’m frozen/pinned and can’t do anything and watch her slowly die." - Kyle Corbin

"Nightmare of walking through a parking lot and a piece of heavy equipment, usually a bulldozer or grading plow, starts coming at me and I'm trapped between a wall and the massive piece of steel with an engine. Always wake up before I'm crushed." - Eric Gustafson

Thank you guys so much for reliving those totally awful nightmares and sharing them with 94.5 FMX. It's appreciated, and it makes me feel a little less. I, too, have terrible nightmares.

I shall share mine as well.

A few times a year, I will have some kind of dream that all of my teeth are falling out in public. Sometimes I pull them out myself in total shock, and other times they just fall out while I'm talking to someone in my dream. Each instance is unsettling, and I immediately wake up and check to make sure I still have all of my teeth.

Another one I have every so often is a nightmare that I'm riding in the passenger seat with someone who's driving erratically and they cause us to fall off of a cliff, plummeting to the ground below. I usually wake up just before the car hits the ground. I never get used to the nightmare, and I never realize it's not real until it's over.

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