It's one of the most controversial and quoted movies of all time.

A Clockwork Orange not only brought new slang to the streets, but it also brought costumes to Halloween and a heck of a lot of controversy.

After watching A Clockwork Orange, you'll be relieved that juvenile delinquents in Lubbock are only stealing car stereos in your neighborhood, because Alex & his Droogs are much, much worse.

Keep in mind that A Clockwork Orange is from 1971 and based on a book written in 1962.

Alex and his amigos love to drink drug-infused milk and go indulge in a "bit of the old ultraviolence." Not only are the scenes of their thuggery controversial, so are the scenes of his treatment.

Love it or hate it, A Clockwork Orange is one of those rare films that needs to be seen on a movie screen. Catch it this Saturday (August 17th) at 10 p.m. at Lubbock's Alamo Drafthouse. And yes, the theater will have "milk bar" specials for the screening.

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