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Quarantine got you missing live shows, new friends, and just sheer fun and beauty in general? The cure to my boredom and sadness was being just a small part of this beautifully produced, illustrated, and acted fan video for Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's "Babe I'm on Fire."

It's a 15-minute long monster of a song with a ton of parts in it. Even though I make just a small cameo, it's so thrilling to be in this epic project.

You should watch the whole thing because it's really so charming and well done, but your girl is at about the 4:40 mark. I picked a "spicy" part, of course.

A huge shout out to everyone who made this project possible. I was so blown away by how well everything was done, and how creative and gorgeous these fans from all over the world are. If you watch the credits, you'll see that we are from everywhere.

And remember, if you pour your heart and soul into making something, you might just make the band's official live TV Youtube channel. And your absolute idol might even see it and call it "joyous."

Joyous is the perfect word for how I feel.

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