Two days later, a lot of people here in the Hub City are still shaking our collective heads and asking: "What the hell was that???"

On Saturday, the Red Raiders snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against the Iowa State Cyclones, 41-38. In the win, kicker Jonathan Garibay joined incoming coach Joey McGuire as the only two men to never have to buy a beer in Lubbock after cementing his legend status with a 62-yard field goal as time expired to give Texas Tech the win. Some are calling it the greatest victory in Texas Tech history. Not a win against Texas, or Oklahoma, or Baylor, but a win over Iowa freaking State is our greatest ever.

If you watched the game on TV, the images projected on the screen did not do this game justice. It was an event that seemed almost surreal to those of us in attendance.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

Yes, this was my "holy s#!t" face as the crowd rushed the field and we stood in ecstasy and shock after the game-winning kick. Just don't look at my crappy bottom choppers, okay? I'm pretending to be British.

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In all honestly, the first half of the game was fairly uneventful, but after taking a 31-14 lead into halftime, things began to turn ugly -- both on the field and in the stands. You could feel the frustration of the crowd after more than a few Red Raider opportunities were overturned by the replay officials. Then came a pivotal Texas Tech interception that resulted in three Red Raiders being flagged for excessive celebration. The interception was ultimately overturned in a completely bogus call. At this point, the natives started getting (justifiably) restless.

Forgive my social media vulgarity, but a lot of people were hot over this.

Of course, this was all part of God's plan, as without this insanity which allowed Iowa State to tie it up, we would not have been subjected to the "kick heard 'round the world."

As Garibay lined up for his epic attempt, there were some in the crowd around me who were already gathering their belongings, expecting inevitable failure from the desperation of a 62-yard field goal try. However, as the ball was snapped, a thought quickly flashed through my mind: "He's gonna make it."


That was the joyful flashpoint. Everyone around us in Section 108 (and throughout the stadium) went insane, and the crowd spilling onto the field decided that the goalposts were no longer relevant.

It was a glorious moment which lifted the anxiety and angst of the fans in attendance. Those who had started to exit immediately turned around and/or darted for the field to celebrate with the legions of fans pouring onto it.

While there were many who were visibly angry at points during the 4th quarter, that kick changed everything. This was a night that could just as easily have left a very sour taste with Texas Tech fans, but instead it was our shining moment.


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