Texas Tech really does have the best students, and anyone who wants to dispute that just needs to watch these videos.

The long-awaited Texas Tech vs. University of Texas basketball game is happening tonight (February 1st) at the United Supermarkets Arena. In true Texas Tech fashion, students have been camping out for days outside the arena in order to get the best seats for the big game.

Urbanovsky Park now has a massive line of tents full of students that make up what we call Raiderville. Thanks to the power of social media, we have some great videos from the university and the students of their experience camping out in Raiderville for the past few days.

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Despite the living conditions looking rough in all those tents, these committed students are being treated with everything they might need for the ultimate Texas Tech campout.

Texas Tech University President Schovanec came by with food and smiles for the students:

The spirit is there with Raider Red, Texas Tech Football Head Coach Joey McGuire and Texas Tech cheerleaders:

The students are having their own fun to keep their energy up:

It's incredible how dedicated Texas Tech students and fans are. You can tell how much these kids love their school and their basketball team with their commitment and high energy. Some of these students have been camping out for days, and you know they will still bring all the spirit during the game no matter how tired they may be.

Everyone has been waiting for this showdown for the past year, and we know our boys will bring their A-game. Remember to get those black shirts ready for the blackout and bring all the energy. This is a game we definitely won’t soon forget.

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