This is not going to go the way you think it's going to go.

This is actually about us not offering a coach enough.

After a couple of tumultuous years, the Texas Tech basketball team has a new coach. Coach Grant McCasland will be in charge of rebuilding a program that caught fire under coach Chris Beard. Beard left the program for the University Of Texas and at that point, we realized the fire was a dumpster fire.

Next up was coach Mark Adams who was a kindly grandfather type who may have had the technical know-how to build a team, but possibly not the most media savvy, or politically correct way to deal with young athletes.

So now we have a coach stepping in, that regardless of his qualifications has a HUGE job in front of him. In discussing this with some fans, we figure he'll be lucky to get the team to keep us at .500 for the next three years or so.  That brings us to the topic at hand.

McCasland was signed to a six-year deal. Part of that deal was a $150,000 bonus if his team wins the NCAA Championship. That number is absolute chicken feed. If the coach got the team to the NCAA Championship in six years, he is worth millions, and if we're not prepared to pay it, we'll lose yet another coach. Yes, it's just a "bonus" and not his regular salary, but if we have a coach that takes us from a program from where we're at to one of the most coveted prizes in all of sports, then we should be prepared to pay him the big bucks.

In short, it's so not likely that we'll hit the big prize in six years, that we ought to up that bonus to a few million.


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