Tonight the moon will appear pretty full, but technically the honor goes to tomorrow.

The moon will hit it's 100% full status at about 8:43 p.m. tomorrow night. This is the "Full Worm Moon" also known as the Harvest Moon or Full Corn Moon. It's also known as the Full Sap Moon" in places that harvest sap from trees.

This moon will also be a "Supermoon", the third in a row for 2019 (and technically it doesn't reach that status until the 21st).

Wednesday is also the first day of Spring! I don't know much about pulling varmints out of the ground to predict the weather, but the short term forecast looks like Spring is here for at least the next couple of weeks (but by Jiminy, we all know to expect anything in West Texas!)

Don't forget to bark at the moon for good luck!

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