I know Lubbock's streets department works hard. They have a ton of streets that need maintenance every day. But I find one thing funny.

There's a big bump/hill in the road that no one wants to repair. One that's not safe at all.

This bump is on the far right southbound lane of South University at the light for The Loop.

I have called 311 about it three or four times, mainly after hitting it, and I have talked to some other people that have also called it in. They've made the claim that the city has said it is TxDOT's problem, and TxDOT says it's the city's problem.

Honestly, I don't care whose problem it is. Get it fixed. We don't need a six to nine-inch chunk of pavement sitting in a hill formation on a busy street.

So, City of Lubbock, TxDOT, or whomever -- FIX THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE!

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