A relatively new Lubbock burger and pizza restaurant has unfortunately, and abruptly, closed permanently. Hub City Burger Bar (3711 19th St, formerly 1000 Degrees Pizza) has closed after only three months of operation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Proprietor Nathan Jones informed me that many things happened outside of Hub City Burger Bar's control/ fault that caused the sudden closure and that they were left with no other options but to call it quits.

unsplash/ canva
unsplash/ canva

Hub City Burger Bar began as a food truck and made the enviable leap to a brick-and-mortar location in September of last year. I always love to see folks realize their dreams, and it breaks my heart that this dream ended so quickly. Lubbock is a very tough town, especially for local food concepts and there's an infinite amount of things that can go wrong.

2023 saw a massive onslaught of closures from both new and long-established restaurants. Many cited the same few reasons for closing, like supply costs and difficulty finding quality employees. Many of us, myself included, saw our budgets stretched to the brink and had to cut down on going out to eat to cover the sharply increased prices of essentials.

It takes a tremendous amount of bravery, talent, and business smarts to even get a restaurant open here in Lubbock. It is my sincere hope that Hub City Burger Bar's next endeavor will be a tremendous success.

If you can spare some of your "fun" budget, consider a locally-owned Lubbock restaurant the next time you go out to eat. It makes a tremendous difference, not only to the owner of the place but to our local economy as well.

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