The future of the Chiefs is uncertain after Jackson County voters chose not to invest in Arrowhead Stadium. Lately, there has been speculation that the team could abandon Kansas City altogether.

There are many major cities without NFL teams- from Omaha to Austin, Orlando to Oklahoma City. However, there is one city in Texas that's been getting buzz about "adopting" a team- San Antonio.

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Manny Abarca, a Jackson County lawmaker, has told news outlets that he has a real concern that Texas may take this opportunity to scoop up The Chiefs - and with it, we'd see a return of Patrick Mahomes to the Lone Star State.

In case you're not already a diehard "Mahomie", Patrick Mahomes shot to stardom after an extremely successful and record-breaking tenure with the Texas Tech Red Raiders. When he left Texas for his professional career in Kansas City, many Texas football fans began to cheer a team that isn't "dem Boys" or the Texans.

Of course, there isn't much more than hope at this point, but I feel there isn't a more deserving city than San Antonio for this windfall, should The Chiefs decide to make a move. San Antonio has maintained its unique culture and vibe, and remains an incredibly fun and dynamic city to visit. And the Alamodome already exists there.

And with Austin only a couple hour drive away, the team could tap into a combined population of over 5 million people- that's plenty of fans in seats.

Texas is a huge and populous state, and it wouldn't be the first to have three NFL teams if San Antonio did pick up a team. California, New York, and Florida are all already there. So, why not San Antonio? If football has taught us anything, its that the underdog really can win sometimes.

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