This has really stuck in my craw, so pardon me while I get it out.

Here we sit in the middle of a pandemic. Lubbock is past the red line and things certainly seem to be headed in a negative direction and I'm just shaking my head at how a large portion of Lubbock just doesn't get it. We are literally running out of room for patients at the hospitals and some people are oblivious. This brings me to one of the dumbest and one of the nicest things I encountered this week.

I was driving past a big church pumpkin patch (where they sell pumpkins, have hay bales, or whatever). I usually find this an incredibly pleasant visual for the season, but I looked over and there were easily two dozen moms, kids, and whatever, frolicking in the pumpkins, handling them, and doing whatever kids do, and I could not see one single mask in site.  Once again, I'm a "you do you" kind of guy. If you want to kill your grandpa or diabetic uncle that's on you. I only bring this up because I want to make a point.

I continued my journey to the new Big Lots store (where everybody was masked and awesome but that's not the point). I had bought a bunch of cases of water for Nightmare and had offloaded them to my truck. I then, in my feeble attempt to not be a douche, I put my cart in the corral and went back to my truck.  I then heard a tiny voice say, "sir you left one of your waters in the basket". The voice came from a Mennonite woman, wearing a mask, that I had passed moments ago. She had walked halfway across the parking lot to let me know what was up.

So this brings up all kinds of questions. First, it shows me who is truly displaying Christian values, and second, how is it that Mennonites, some of who don't even have t.v.s. are smart enough to mask up while everyone else is acting stupid just up the street?

I'll let you draw whatever else conclusions you want to out of this, but I'm just saying if there' a gatekeeper in heaven, I know who's headed to the front of the line.

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