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Twelve years after Texas Tech Head Football Coach Mike Leach was fired, a university official will be testifying under oath regarding his termination.

KAMC News reports that Houston-based investigative firm Dolcefino Consulting claims that there are public records that Texas Tech has refused to turn over. Dolcefino Consulting issued a release that calls this a "turning point in the legal fight that has lasted for over 4 years."

This is in reference to the original requests for public records made back in 2017.

Ronny Wall, associate general counsel for Texas Tech University, will testify under oath on Thursday, March 24th. President of Dolcefino Consulting Wayne Dolcefino called Wall "the poster boy for a public official who simply doesn't respect the public right to know."

Dolcefino Consultinglaims that it has "already found evidence proving Tech lied to donors about the firing of their winningest coach ever and that they changed investigative reports at the last minute in an attempt to tarnish Leach's reputation."

The firm also claims the school has made false reports to the Department of Education involving Title IX statistics and are trying to "bury the sexual harassment investigation of Brian May, the former school President of their Angelo State campus."

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