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On December 28th at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee, Texas Tech officials should hand Mike Leech a big fat check on the 50-yard line.

This isn't a statement from a Mike Leach lover. None of us really know all the details of any situation or even a person. It is, however, my opinion that Leach is obnoxious, tough on his players, and maybe even a little mean. (What else would you call making grown men roll around in a sandpit?) I just don't like the guy.

None of this means that he's not owed money. Once again, I'm not an attorney, but it sure seems like Texas Tech used some political connections to hide behind a law that kept the university from shelling out the cash.

Rightfully or wrongfully, the matter is not settled, not in Leach's mind, and not in the minds of thousands of fans. Texas Tech has shown the ability to raise funds to make a coach go away, and they should have done it properly with Leach. I get it, he's a jerk, but pay the jerk.

I'm sure at this point to pay Leach would feel like Texas Tech would be admitting to wrongdoing, but I'm sure a nice statement could be drawn up saying something like the following:

In light of new evidence, Texas Tech has decided to fulfill the terms of former coach Mike Leach's contract.  we will remit the full stiulated amount to him and wish him well on his coaching career.

Do you see how easy that is? No one assumes blame or that they were wrong. They just get it done and there will no longer be this giant mess haunting the university for 20 more years.

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