The restaurant business is not for the weak of heart.

It's long hours, slow days, rigorous health inspections, and employee turnover. It's missing out on kid's football practices or ballet and it's never getting enough sleep. But it can be incredibly rewarding, both financially and in the relationships you'll build.

Starting from scratch is even more difficult, so the opportunity to take on a successful concept, with everything you'll need to get started, may be the perfect opportunity to build or expand an eatery empire.


Texas 1809 in Slaton, Texas is now for sale, according to a post on their Facebook page:

Good morning! Texas 1809 is for sale. It is a turnkey business in downtown Slaton! The deal would include real estate and all equipment to operate. Serious inquiries only. All offers will be considered.

Texas 1809 is a Texas-German steakhouse, bar and Biergarten offering unique dishes that are not available elsewhere nearby, like three different kinds of schnitzels (yum). They also offer favorites like burgers and of course, steaks.

Since Texas 1809 also serves alcohol, the new owner would need to obtain their own liquor license, should they choose to continue that aspect of the business.

Texas 1809 is located inside a renovated historic building in the downtown Slaton "square," and also has outdoor patio space, perfect for live music, karaoke and trivia nights.

Texas 1809 also specialized in catering holiday menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but again, that will be up to the new owners to continue that tradition or set it aside.

German cuisine is ridiculously underrepresented here in the greater Lubbock area, so I do hope the new owners continue with that cuisine- as long as they have a passion and the taste for it.

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