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I've always thought alcohol delivery should be a thing, mostly because it's better than buzzed people driving to get more drunk. It's also a great way to make sure no one has to leave the party early. Lubbock now has an alcohol delivery at our disposal through Drizly.com and the Drizly app.

Drizlythe nation’s leading alcohol e-commerce marketplace, announced that its on-demand alcohol delivery service is now available in Lubbock, TX for the first time, in partnership with six local retailers. Starting this month, more than 250,000 21+ consumers in the greater Lubbock region can visit Drizly.com or download the Drizly app to get their favorite beer, wine and spirits delivered to their doorstep in under 60 minutes.

I think this service is perfect for Lubbock- from tailgates to weddings this is just plain useful. I clicked around the website- it's clean, easy to read and enjoyable to browse. Online shopping addicts like myself will love it. Just enjoy your deliveries responsibly!


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