Kids today have it made. If you sit for very long and listen to any kids wish list for Santa, I promise you will hear them asking for things like an iPad, an Ipod, a cell phone, or video games. Toys have really come a long way since I was a kid, I can tell you that without a doubt.

As I sat listening to my son rattle off all his must have Christmas gifts today it got me to thinking about some of the "hot," MUST HAVE toys that once filled my Christmas wish list.

'As I thought about those toys I wanted so badly and compared them to the things he now swears he HAS to have, three things occurred to me.

One, kids today are spoiled.

Two, what happened to using your imagination to do things like turn an empty Yahoo grape soda bottle into a car.

And three, (but only after watching these commercials for toys from my MUST have list) the toys of my youth explain a lot about what is wrong with the adults of today.

Check out these vintage commercials...