At this point, I'm not even sure how many articles I've written about Aloha BBQ. I like to think that they grew in popularity because I kept screaming from the rooftops (via my keyboard) that they are one of the most delicious restaurants in Lubbock. It probably has more to do with the excellent food and less to do with me, but whatever. I love Aloha BBQ, and Hawaiian food in general, and it looks like they are going to have some big competition in Lubbock soon.

Hawaiian Bros Island Grill has plans to open up this year at 5501 Slide Road. It's a chain restaurant that I haven't had the opportunity to check out yet, but after glancing at the mouthwatering photos on their website, I'm pretty stoked.

The menu at Hawaiian Bros Island Grill is much smaller than the menu offered at Aloha, but it still looks pretty solid. The true test will be whether or not they can nail the Hawaiian macaroni salad the way Aloha can. That stuff is so friggin' good. I find myself standing in front of the fridge spooning mac salad into my face mere moments after deciding to save my leftovers for the next day.

Pretty sure if I was offered a last meal on death row, it would be a BBQ mixed plate from Aloha BBQ with a double helping of that badass macaroni salad.

*wipes drool from face*

So, get excited, Lubbock. More Hawaiian food is a good thing.

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