I was pretty grossed out to read an Amazon delivery driver peed on someone's groceries. The incident was caught on a Ring doorbell camera.

The video is not super graphic or anything, so don't worry. The delivery driver notices the camera and ducks down a bit so that his johnson isn't caught on tape.

The Amazon customer said he was completely shocked to see the delivery driver relieving himself on his front porch, and wonders if he ever would have known without the video evidence.

"I’m extremely happy that I had the Ring doorbell because if we didn’t then we would be drinking those seltzers right now,” the victim told WLNE.

But WTF, man? Who does that? The answer to that question is more delivery drivers than you think. This isn't the first time an Amazon driver has been caught on camera relieving himself in an inappropriate place.

A video shared by TMZ Live in April 2020 depicts another instance of an Amazon delivery driver taking a tinkle on someone's front driveway, caught on a different home security camera.

The third video of this strange phenomenon comes from an article shared in the Daily Mail out of the UK of a female delivery driver squatting down and having a wee right in the driveway, too.

There were even more videos of Amazon delivery drivers being caught urinating in public. Maybe Amazon should install some potties in their vans, or at the very least remind their employees that basically everyone these days has a security camera, so if they do something dumb, people like me are going to make fun of them all over the internet.


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