We had a serious snowfall in the Hub City on Superbowl Sunday.


It Started Bad

I ventured out Sunday morning at about 9 a.m. and it was an incredibly bad idea. I barely made it up what I would consider a small overpass, with Amazon delivery fans slipping and sliding in front and behind me. I took a surface streets trip home that was also sketchy and slipper as heck, finally having to stop and figure out what to do while a City Of Lubbock Fire Engine paused to place snow machines on the truck (I didn't even know emergency vehicles in Lubbock did that, did you?).

...And About That Trip

I guess I should first say that somehow North Lubbock seemed to get it quite deeper and thicker than the rest of the town (at least that's what the scuttlebutt was). I do not have any official gauge, but every spot on my North Lubbock lawn was no less than 3-4 inches deep. I returned home from my trip to the store and had to break the news to my houseguests that they probably could not return home, but by about 1 or 2 p.m. the roads were cleared enough to at least get out of town to where the snow was lighter.

It Was Fun While It Lasted

We did ask our listeners for pictures of the snow where they were at. Most of the pictures are from Lubbock with a few mixed in from Slaton, Plainview, Brownfield, and elsewhere. We had some great shots posted with everything from blizzard conditions to people playing in the snow, and some downright artful photos. I even posted a snowy pic of the shipwreck at Nightmare On 19th Street just because it looked cool.

Final Thanks

Thanks again to all of our listeners for sharing these pics. Below this gallery you'll find one specifically dedicated to dogs! Enjoy!

Lubbock Snow Day

Gallery Credit: FMX Facebook

Lubbock Snow Dogs

Gallery Credit: nessmania

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