The first time I heard Amigo the Devil, it was live, right here in Lubbock. A long haired dude with a banjo, unassuming, but with a gorgeously haunting voice, As he expertly plucked away at his banjo, that voice sang the stories of tragedy, lost love, and even spun a murder ballad that made Jeffrey Dahmer seem beautiful.

I'm not sure I've ever been as instant of a fan, a follower, a believer in any musician before. I picked up patches and his records at the merch booth, and went on to listen to his words, that ghoulish banjo for hours and hours. The emotional journey of every song is so satisfying and complete- in turn I am made angry, rowdy, vicious, victorious, vindicated, defeated, in love, in hate.

I preordered his lastest album- it absolutely did not disappoint:

I simply cannot recommend seeing Amigo the Devil live, and seeing for yourself what I so quickly embraced as my own- Amigo is an essential movement in my life's soundtrack.

Amigo the Devil and Harley Poe are set to perform at Jake's Backroom (5025 50th) on Monday, February 4th.  Tickets are available through J&B productions or at Ralph's Records (82nd & Indiana)


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