Hello there four-wheel and pedestrian friends, we have a few words for you.

I hope this message finds all of you non-truck owners well. We don't think poorly or even lesser of you folks that aren't like us. In fact, most of us don't really think of you at all, we just kind of let you exist in your world while we exist in hours.

There are times when you need us too. You need us to haul things, to help move and some of us truck drivers can even help you out of a ditch or some other tight spot. We're just guys and gals who like the multi-use purposes one can utilize a truck for. This brings me to the real topic of this post;


Our truck beds are not your trash bins. I can't say for complete certainty that one truck owner wouldn't do it to another truck owner, but I would say that it's so annoying (and potentially dangerous) that that particular scenario is very unlikely.

Just yesterday I found a coffee house cup in my truck and last week it was a couple of beer bottles. I sure like the fact that you didn't just throw this stuff on the ground, but let's take a potential scenario with that cup. Let's say that cup flies out of the back of my truck and the car behind me sees something coming at them. They then veer and before you know it we have a major accident on our hands.  Yeah, this kind of thing is dangerous and when it's not it's very rude.

Put your trash in your receptacle and not in our trucks. Someday you may need us to help you.


Wes "White Chocolate" Nessman

Proud Truck Owner.


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